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Real Growers Recharge Natural Plant Growth Stimulant

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Recharge is loaded with kelp and molasses to develop a healthy living soil. Undiluted, uncut and delivered at true professional strength concentrations.

Key Product Features

  • Grow stronger, healthier plants, with denser root systems and bigger crop yields.
  • Works great for indoor and outdoor gardens.
  • Use it on all your plants, crops, and trees; perennials and annuals.
  • All the benefits of an instant compost tea, with none of the mess.
  • Provides a pH buffer for your roots. Helps prevent Nutrient Lockout. Will NEVER Burn Your Plants.
  • Packed with Kelp for faster growth, and Humic Acids for healthier plants.
  • Helps break down the nutrients in your soil, making them more plant available and increasing nutrient uptake.
  • Prevents nutrient run-off, making your garden more sustainable and better for the planet.
  • Contains All Natural and Organic Ingredients.

How To Use

  • Mix it with your water. Pour it on your plant. Let Recharge do the rest.
  • Mix half a teaspoon of Recharge with one gallon of water
  • Give it to your plants as a once-a-week treat
  • Use it right away
  • Pour whatever’s left on any problem spots you might have on your lawn
  • Stop using Recharge two weeks before harvest

Works Great For

Clones / Seedlings

Inoculate when first roots are visible with ½ tsp per gallon water / nutrient solution.


Water in at 2 tsp per gallon water / nutrient solution to minimize transplant shock.

Vegetative Plants

Use 1 tsp per gallon of water / nutrient solution, once a week.

Flowering Plants

Use 1 tsp per gallon of water/nutrient solution, once a week.

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9 reviews for Real Growers Recharge Natural Plant Growth Stimulant

  1. Terp Ptarmigan (verified owner)

    Using Recharge for over 5 years and I love it as much as my plants do. Very proud to see it in Canada now.

  2. Shawn Walton

    My grow store is offering their best liquid microbes for over $100 and I am sure you get more when you buy it in powder form than in extract form. You will not find better microbes. You can’t lose. 100% Hell yeah!

  3. Tom Bryant (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff! I use it on everything I grow, and I can’t recommend it enough.

  4. Terpysmurf

    Shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone about recharge! It’s my secret! MINE!

  5. BillyBongThornton613 (verified owner)

    Real Growers Recharge is what plants REALLY crave

  6. Troy White

    Been using recharge for a couple years now and my plants just love it!

  7. Givener (verified owner)

    I believe it has been mentioned on the Dude Grows show that this is a good product – haha. It is of course, and I gotta say that these are nice fat half pound bags – mine weighed in at 9.2 ounces!

  8. JuicyJay (verified owner)

    Recharge is legit! You will not be disappointed. So happy it’s available to Canadian growers! DGC 4 life

  9. arman clark (verified owner)

    DGC recommended! first time using recharge and fabric pots!! plants were taller than me cacn not believe it!! recharge for the win!

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